Wednesday, March 17, 2010

rancher's redemption

Today I read rancher's redemption by beth cornelison a book from the silhouette romantic suspense line and from the miniseries the Coltons: family first.
       Clay Colton finds an abandoned car on south end of his ranch crashed into a mesquite tree. Appears to have been left behind but later turns up stolen. The CSI team from san antonio, texas turns up to investigate the scence but who other but his Ex-wife , Tamara brown . She had always wanted to be a CSI and now her dream had apparently came true but at what cost? They had divorced five years earlier and she left Clay and the Bar None to pursue her career. Could she still hold a torch for him all these years or has she forgotten the powerful love they once had?
     Tamara ends up laid up at the Bar None with clay after falling into a sinkhole while inspecting the crime scene, can anyone say awkward? She is temporarily put on medical leave due to her bruised ribs that hurt like the dickens, not that she doesn't still try to be active in the case. Clay tends to her health needs and unconsciously her heart as well. They find it suspicious that doc masons' office gets a phone call saying he is thinking of retiring in Arizona when all the townsfolk who he would like nothing more than to retire at home in Esperanza, Texas.
     Evidence of fowl play and homicide are found in the hole where Tamara fell and she untimately implicates her childhood friend of the murder which turned out to be accident when he fell on a knife they Billy Akers had brought to scare the doc into giving back his money when the doc refused to help in the assisted suicide of his mother who had been diagnosed with ALS, after he had been paid to do so.
     Billy panics and hides the body because he believes no one would believe him since people don't generally follow others in order to scare them with deadly weapons but most likely use them on the unlikely suspects. He is then sentences to jail along with his father because he hid the truth instead of comign forward which would have reduced the sentence....
In the end, Clay and Tamara find their love for each other once again and will hopefully appreciate what they have in each other in years to come...