Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sign of seven

back in September i read the sign of seven by Nora Roberts which includes the books blood brothers, the hollow and the pagan stone; the story of  Caleb, fox, and Gage. Best Friends from birth and all sharing the same birthday,the three boys go to the pagan stone in hollow woods on their tenth birthday and at midnight they perform a ritual like any other kid does to make them "blood brothers". When they perform the ritual they awaken a demon that has been locked in for several centuries held there by the guardian Giles dent. Dent fathered the orginal triplets that the boys are lined from. They leave with abilites they didnt have before. Caleb no longer needs his glasses to see and Gage is healed from the marks of his recent beating and old scars. Caleb has the ability to see into the past, Fox is an empath and can read minds, and Gage can see into the future of what might become. The next seven days are plagued with vicious and malicious acts ranging from fights to suicide and murder to rape. These events continue to happen every seven years on the week of their birth.

"all of nora's books hold a special place in my heart but this one definitely left me begging for more as the trilogy progressed . out of the 3 the pagan stone-gage's story was my favorite."