Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marriage, Interrupted by Karen Templeton(bk 1, babies, inc)

Before reading Marriage, Interrupted I had read book 4, Pride and Pregnancy in the Babies in Series. Reading Pride and pregnancy made me want to read more of her books. What better way then to start from the beginning of the series.


 I absolutely loved this book and was entranced from page one. Cass was alone once again. Her first husband Blake Carter left her shortly after their marriage started out of his own fears of being a father among other things. They were young when they were first married her only 20 and him 25. Now, her second husband who she genuinely cared for dies of a coronary will taking his morning jog. Blake has always loved Cass and has stayed away for so many years because he couldn't be around her and not love her . He also was ashamed of the events that led up to the dissolution of their marriage and the torn relationship with his son for his lack of being around. When Shaun calls him to inform him of the death of his ex-wife's second husband, he realizes he has to have him family back. Blake does everything in his power to gain Cass's trust. With every attempted she just pushes back harder until finally she gives in once her son , Jason is born, Blake loves the baby as his own and sees this as a second chance to fix the past. All along Cass wanted to take Blake back it wasn't him that she didn't trust but herself due to the values that had been instilled in her as a child.