Thursday, March 18, 2010

Having Her Boss's Baby by Susan Mallery

 I had previously read book 2 in the positively pregnant series by Susan Mallery and liked the series so much that i decided to read them more to go before my goal is noelle and crissy's story have to find rachels....and now for the review to having her boss's baby

 Noelle is young and barely out of high school when she finds out she is pregnant. The baby's father had been her first lover and was recently killed in iraq. They hadn't been dating for long before the tragedy but did she honestly love jimmy?
    She worked for the President of the company who also happened to be the next of kin to her unborn child. No sooner had she found out she was pregnant, she ran into Devlin Hunter uncle to the baby and a hottie to boot. 
     So what does Dev propose as a solution to the baby but a marriage of conveince. They will be married right away so he can care for her and the baby, but at what expense? under the conditions for her to have a monthly allowance and housing with child support along with a trust set up for the baby. during the marriage there is to be no emotional or physical entanglements, he just wanted to be friends and be able to care for her since his brother was duty.
    Dev felt that he was immune to love. everyone who had ever loved him had left him in one way or another. His father left after his mother died in which he believed her to have died of a broken heart when his father couldn't love her enough and his grandfather then of old age. Devlin Hunter was then left to raise he young brother who seemed to defy every barrier that was ever set before him. Between curfew and the law he got into trouble of all kinds and dropping out of high school because he refused to attend.  Devlin gave him two choices when he found him stealing from the company that was their heritage, military or Jail. 
    We obviously know which was jimmy's decision. Dev blamed himself for his brothers death because of the ultimatum he gave.
    Noelle fell form Dev quick and hard but he refused to return her feelings feeling that loving her would break him and make him weak. in the end her learns love makes you stronger not weak and completes the soul....