Saturday, May 1, 2010

ten big ones by janet evanovich

the title is perfect for this one due to that is how much the police are offering for a reward for a reward for the junkman...he is on the hunt and wants to kill Stephanie. how did she get tied up in this one? well lets start from the beginning.
Her in Lula had stopped at a deli for some subs and they saw the red devil in the sore who had been committing a string of robberies at various shops in the area. he always wore the devil mask and his getaway vehicle of choice was a bike.
Lula accidentally shot out his back tire so he was forced on foot when he departed. they had a light tangle with him and Stephanie saw his face. she was the only one who could id him but had yet to see him again. they were at McDonald's when she spotted him again .
To her good luck she was able to finally find out who he was. turns out he was an failure to appear for vinnie and she needed to retrieve him. They tried his brothers house first but never got to their destination when the gang tried to attack them. the car they were driving turned out to be rival gang colors. she ran over a few with the car and threw a guy that was clinging to the windshield when she turned the corner. not long after she was put on the hitlist for the junkman. ranger was out of town and left her with his truck to use because hers had gotten blown up yet again. she didn't want to endanger anyone so she went to stay at rangers apartment. she wasn't aware of the address just back tracked the route on the gps to the location. it was the only place she felt safe from the killer. She was able to capture the red devil by watching his very pregnant girlfriend and threw him back in jail. her , Lula and Connie bonded him out in an effort to find out hwy Stephanie was on the list. ranger was able to persuade him to talk when they couldn't . turns out he was part of the upper levels of the gang on the west coats and had come her to try to get a better position. he had her on the list to try to impress the other members of the gang that he was worthy.

Would she be able to escape him or would he find her ?