Tuesday, May 18, 2010

top gun dad by ann defee

This adventures is suddenly a single father when his ex-wife takes off and leaves him with full custody of his 2 girls aged 15 and 9. He trades in his beloved Ferrari for a king cab truck and trailer for their trek to Oklahoma and his new promotion of T-38 squadron commander. He isn't' expecting any problems least of all car trouble when buying the new rig.  but low and behold they experience car trouble and the person who comes to the rescue is Kelbie Montgomery , a pint size pixie in pink cowboy boots who also happens to be owner of where they will be boarding their horses.
Attracted from the start on both ends of the spectrum Chad doesn't have time to date with his job and his responsibilities to the girls and Kelbie doesn't want to get involved with another pilot after the death of her husband some odd years ago. it was a truly tragic experience when her husbands plane crashed and she could see it from the house. the only thing that was left was his dog tags, left with no body to bury or husband to say goodbye to she has sworn off military men since then. they both don't have the time but with constant contact the relationship is inevitable.
Chad hires a private eye to locate the girls mother but he is only able to track her as far as belize to some land in the rain forest where he new boyfriend bought property.

the girls mother suddenly show up with her new friend with the offer of blackmail . either they will fight in a custody battle for the two kids and take them to south america with them to he compound or chad can pay them the sum of 10000 dollars. Little did they know that the guy sitting next to him was his lawyer and not just a friend.

Needless to say they went back without the money or the kids and Lynn would be evaluated due to her current state of mind seemed less than viable.

After spending a lot of time together chad and kelbie fall for each other. she may love chat but can she risk her heart again with the chance of losing him in a crash?