Wednesday, May 19, 2010

finger lickin fifteen

now i am at the end of this lovely series that holds a place in my heart. i dont think i have yet to get through any of her books with out laughing my ass off.
yet another adventure for the unlucky Stephanie plum . she is currently off men especially her sometimes boyfriend joe morelli when they had a blowup over a jar of peanut butter that he threw away which he deemed trash due to it was filled with more than just PB. the argument escalated into other issues causing their now temporary separation.

Stephanie agrees to go for ranger undercover in his company in hopes of being able to solve the series of break-ins that have been happening to multiple accounts at the RangeMan company. it appears to be coming from someone inside the company and she is the only one who can investigate unobtrusively from within. break-ins started at a few residential accounts and have since expanded to commercial accounts. will they be able to find the culprits before they go bankrupt? rangeman has select clientele and not a high volume of them.

Lula witnesses the murder of a famous chef on her way to work on day. not killed like another other guy on stark street but got his head chopped off in front of the sunshine hotel where no one is likely to report it in any case. not long after the two men responsible are harassing Lula  and attempting to kill. thankfully they never succeed. what kind of person goes chasing people around with a meat cleaver?

she enters the bbq contest the dead chef suppose to enter in hopes of drawing out the killers. The chef's head had turned up but not the body. you cant have a viewing without the other half. might as well have the burial in a hatbox.

now lula is living in stephnies apartment because hers is clarified a crime scene and Stephine is temporarily staying at the batcave due to lula makes it impossible for her to sleep with her snoring.

will she get lucky with Ranger ?

or will she avoid the issue as normal?

nothing is holding her back since she is on the break with morelli.

can all the issues be solved before its too late???