Sunday, May 23, 2010

hero at large by janet evanovich

hero at large was her first novel and almost got kicked out of waldens when it was released. she spent three days in the romance section of the book store and until some finally bought it.

Chris nelson is an ex-figure skater who now teaches skating to the kids in hope to bring them to their potential. she has a daughter who is the spitting image of her as a child with the knowing eyes and orange curls. the father isn't in the picture he divorced her when he found out she was pregnant with their child and refused to get an abortion. He didn't really want a wife but the publicity she brought him from her fame in figure skating.
She now lives in a town house with her daughter Lucy and aunt Edna who was there for her and takes car e of Lucy so she doesn't have to put her in daycare after school. Chris no longer trusts mechanics so she lets her cars run them selves into the ground until they have no life left in them and goes and buys a new one. the last time she took a car to be service she was charged 250 dollars for a glamus. whatever that is since she knows squat about cars . Her inability to take the cars to be serviced resulted in a breakdown on the highway.

Along comes help in the form of  Ken Callahan, sexy and strong . she is mesmersized by his presence and offers to help.

everything is going according to plan until she looks under the hood with him and she hits her head on the hood which results in it coming crashing down on his arms, leaving him with a broken arm. she takes him to the hospital but the atmosphere in the truck is anything but comfortable. She has never driven a truck and ken has the gear shift between his thighs which makes for an interesting drive to the ER.

Ken ends up staying with her for awhile and he pays her rent in exchange for the use of his truck until she can get a replacement for her car. the tension soon builds living in close quarters day after day. adding fuel to the fire aunt Edna takes off with Lucy to her cousins who went into labor early with the twins , leaving them to fend for themselves.
They soon fall in love and he proposes marriage. she accepts until the truth to who he really is comes out.
Ken is no longer ken Callahan but Kenneth Callahan Knight wealthy business owner.

She doesnt know who he is anymore and is confused.
can she risk marrying another ambition driven man ?
Will she sacrifice her want for a family for the man she believes he is?

all is not always as it seems. ken is not the man she dreams he is. can the fix this in time or is the end of their love?