Wednesday, April 28, 2010

seven up by janet evanovich

Another Grand adventure for Stephanie Plum. this time she is after Eddie DeCooch  who was arrested for trafficking contraband cigarettes in Trenton. With all her adventures she always seems to end up with the crazies. She is constantly chasing this guy. She finds him at his house to begin with but then he says he needed to change and went out the window while she was downstairs waiting for him.
They found a dead woman shot in his shed. Autopsy found that she was already dead when she was shot and died of a heart attack .
 She enlists the help of  Dougie and Mooner when they inadvertently get involved with Eddie. Not long after Dougie goes missing and Mooner ends up staying with her for a few days because he seems to need protection and they don't want him to go missing like Dougie . She finds Eddie on several occasions and he is driving a white Cadillac that he borrowed from Maggie Mary Mason. She let him borrow it on account of he is one of the three owners at the club where she works as a mud wrestler. DeCooch is running because he needs to find a heart that went missing. An acquaintance of his told him he needed to bring the body to him. Louie D had died of a heart attack down in Virginia where he was picking up the contraband cigarettes.
He misunderstood the acquaintance and cut out Louie D's heart and put it in a cooler for safe keeping. He left it at Dougie's house by mistake and it went missing. they needed to heart to put back into Louie D for his burial. Louie D's wife Sophia kidnapped both Dougie and Mooner and stuck them in a gutted room that only had a table with cuffs attached to it and dirt floor. Everyone thinks she is certifiable crazy. Eddie ends up kidnapping Grandma mazue in hope of a swap for the heart since Stepahnie has been tellign Eddie that she had it. She end up giving them a pigs heart since it turned out the next door neighbors dog ate the heart.  She Ended up finding mooner and dougie at pinwheel sorba house. He was one of the other partners that owned the club where maggie worked. Eddie fianlly turns himself in on the condition that ranger woudl bring him in because he didn't wanted to be brought in by a girl.