Tuesday, May 18, 2010

fearless fourteen by janet evanovich

Another adventure in the life of Stephanie plum. She needs to apprehend yet another FTA for without them she would be out of a job. dom rizzi was sent to jail for robbing a bank in the some of nine million dollars for which he had partners but were never named. His sister Loretta is her new FTA and she brings her in with the promise to take care of her son if she isnt released in time. Her on again, off again boyfriend , Joe morelli is a relative in the mix somehow and ends up taking care of the boy when his mother is not released immediately because no one wants to post for her bond. She is finally released with Dom's help but shortly thereafter goes missing. She is kidnapped by the lead partner that was involved with Dom during the robbery. Dead bodies start showing up morelli's basement and his yard lose like a dig site when word gets out the house/yard may contain some nine million dollars. The original second partner of the original four is found dead and no long after the third dies . Now the 9 millions only needs to be split two ways. Can they find Loretta before it too late? or will the kidnapper kill her once he gets what he wants?