Tuesday, July 26, 2011

his hometown girl by jillian hart

summaryWORSHIP FROM AFAR Small-town mechanic Zachary Drake had no illusions about his longtime friendship with winsome, wholesome Karen McKaslin -- even after she called off her wedding to the local pastor. Zach simply intended to lend a grease-stained hand and a sympathetic ear to a pal in need, and keep his secret longing to himself . . . Having narrowly escaped a loveless marriage, Karen was counting her blessings. Now she could transform herself into a woman worthy of being loved for all eternity. She never dreamed Mr. Right was waiting for her on the wrong side of the tracks, praying she'd see in his eyes what he didn't dare say

Review:  Karen is still suffering from the loss of her sister. They were like best friends more than sisters. She died in a plan crash and it still hurts liek nothing she could have imagined. They opened a coffee shop together and her fiance wanted her to sell it so she could go traveling with him as a preacher's wife. Little did she know that jay did not love her but found her comfortable and reliable. She wanted a marriage built on love not because she was reliable. She broke off the engagement as a result and no one knows the true reason why it ended , so the townspeople do not understand her reason for the change in heart. Little does she know but the town mechanic, Zachary Drake , has always carried a torch for her and know maybe his chance now that jay is out of the picture.

Zachary drake has always loved her from afar, never thinking that his chance would come for him to be able to love her for real and for them to have a chance. Karen is the best person he knows. He genuinely cares for her but many still see him as the Drake boy, tagged for trouble for the one time he was caught stealing . He stole for the purpose to feed his baby sister since his mother was a drunk and was never home to provide for them . He did whatever he could but it was not always enough. He is from the outside of town living in a run down home, holding down two jobs so he could care for his siblings and give them a better life. 

They start off as friends but Zack wants more and Karen is reluctant to fall in love again so soon and it not be returned  but holding Zack's hand is like a shock to the system. She never had that with jay, he was comfortable but his touch was lukewarm. It did not set her on fire as Zack's does. The more time they spend together as "friends" the more she realizes she wants more from this man. She does not care who he used to be or where he comes from . She loves the man he is today without fault. 

Zack loves her but pushes her away when his drunk of a mother comes back to town after being away for ten years. He is embarrassed and finds her too good for her so for the sake of hurting her and breaks his into thousands of irreparable pieces.Then is is in the hospital from being in accident where he saved a young boy's life with no thought to his own. 

Karen does not give up on him she keeps pushing until she cant no more . She leaves hoping to find peace with this and get past it. she guesses she was wrong in thinking that he really did love her.

Zack finally gets pasts the roadblocks he set for him self and has to won Karen back but will she say yes after all that he has done to push her away?