Friday, July 22, 2011

heaven sent by jillian hart

summaryMatthew Sheridan was the answer to her prayer... At least, to the one Hope Ashton had offered when she found herself stranded alone on a blustery Montana night. Contrary to her matchmaking Nanna's belief, Hope didn't long to land a husband--and her old pal wasn't looking for a wife. But that didn't stop Hope from secretly wondering what if...? — What could a widowed country cowboy possibly have in common with a millionaire's sophisticated daughter? Absolutely nothing--save the desire to stay single. But Matthew was a lonely, red-blooded man. He was also proud papa to a determined trio of toddlers who yearned for a mommy--and they'd set their sights on Hope..

Review: I always love the love inspired series. Jillian Hart is one of my favorites i usually tend to go for the cowboy themed stories but her mckaslin clan just always draws me in and this story is no exception. this is the 3rd book by her i have read. first i read blind-date bride which is the most recent in the series and i have been hooked ever since.

Hope Ashton has a brick wall built around her heart and fears it crumbling. She has very little faith in true love and the happiness it can bring . She has not had very many positive examples of love. Her own parents marriage and following divorce was a disaster and The man she thought she loved when she finally opened up turned into a completely different person once they were engaged. Extremely controlling. not the type of man she wants to marry.  Her love for her grandmother and the only home she has ever known resides in small town america Montana. When she comes home to montana to care for her grandmother after an injury matchmaking is the last thing on her list. She has closed herself off from a life of family because of the previous road blocks placed in her path. Her grandmother and her friends have other ideas though . To set her and widower matthew sheridan up together. He also has 3 small children who are his world. 

Matthew has had his share of heartbreak. He loved kathy with all his heart but as of late she is starting to become a distant memory and he is not sure how he feels about that. He used to be able to recall her voice, look and scent but not so much anymore. The boys lost their mother when they were young, she died in a plan crash along with several other people in town. Since then he has been on his own with only his mother to help him. He has not found a spark with anyone else since kathy, that is until Hope Ashton. 

She went to school with him the year her parents were getting divorced but the girl he went to school with and the woman she is today could not be any more different if they tried. The home he remembered was sheltered and came across as a snob and cold-hearted and the woman she is today is anything but that. She is warm and caring leaving her lucrative job to come personally care for a grandmother when anyone else would have just have hired personal care and be done with it. 

She is attracted to Mathew from the start but tries to bush it off because she is afraid that if she falls for him he may not return it or they could have a relationship like her parents , where all it brings is heartbreak and pain. She wants to be a mother and have a family of her own, but at what expense?

The triplets need a mother and he can not continue to get housekeepers and rely on his mother to care for his children. The boys fell in love with Hope and were always asking for her. Maybe it is time to put his heart on the line and pray things work out for the best. For nothing ventured nothing gained.

This is a great story. I always love Jillian harts stories. quick easy reads with a proud story of love and faith . How love can break down the falls and faith can bring you through the toughest of times. i would highly recommend this story to anyone.