Friday, July 8, 2011

catch of the day by kristan higgins

Maggie, bighearted, single and devoted to her beloved golden retriever Colonel, lives in the small Maine town of Gideon's Cove, runs a diner and is always willing to whip a huge meal for the church supper, firemen or other cause. Everyone has witnessed her romantic screw-ups and humiliations and her close network of family and friends often compares her to her perfect identical twin with a doctor husband and beautiful baby. This is the kind of town where everyone knows everything about everything you and your family ever did and everyone, especially her mother, can't let Maggie forget that she is still single at 32 and running out of townsmen and men from the not so nearby environs to date. When Maggie meets a seemingly perfect newcomer, she tells one too many people that she's found her soulmate leading to yet another humilation in front of the town when she finds out who he really is. She's so busy fixating on him that she fails to notice an unconventional but great guy that she has overlooked for years. Will Maggie ever find a soulmate? Is that the one man she can't have? Or is it taciturn and surly Malone, a friend of her brother who is so silent and unfriendly the town calls him Maloner the Loner? 

Review: I felt so bad for Maggie. All she wanted was a guy to love her, now is that so wrong? she finally meets a gorgeous guy and what happens?, he ends of being a priest. Talking about the mother of all sins. She goes out on several dates all of the ending in disaster. then she has the unfortunate luck  of being stood up on one of them, when in walks her ex, skip. Malone saves the day by pretending to have been the date. He takes her home and kisses. Boy can that man kiss. she thinks about him constantly and wishes he was a bit more open and talkative. They get together a few times but seems like there is a lack of conversation and more sex. Is he just there for the sex or does he want something more?
This was a great contemporary romance, i have loved all her books that I have read so far . The guy she never would have picked is right under her nose all along. The gentle guy that has troubling talking but is willing to do so for her. the guy who buys her a dog when her beloved colonel dies in his sleep. He was the only one there that seemed to actually care. Everyone seemed to not take his death as seriously because he was a dog. Her parents are getting separated because they can't seem to get along, her twin sister is pregnant again. The only person to this day that was able to tell them apart was her sister's husband and now Malone. What does that say? is it meant to be. I think so..I think this deserves a second book though