Friday, July 8, 2011

Fools Rush in by Kristan Higgins

Since her freshman year in high school, Millie Barnes has been head over heels for Joe Carpenter. A brainy and plain gal, she was all but ignored by Joe, in an adolescence that was filled with angst, unwanted baby fat, and acne. After stalking him for over a decade to find out his likes and dislikes, she's about to return to Cape Cod, and has a plan for landing her man. Coinciding with her return is the divorce of her older sister, who has relocated to New Jersey with her new man, so she consoles her former brother-in-law Sam and his son with meals and tries to set Sam up with her divorced friend. 

Armed with a new body, new job as a physician at the local clinic, new wardrobe, and a funky new hairstyle, Millie does in fact snare her man. But is this Joe the same Joe she's idolized most of her life? As the two begin a relationship, Millie realizes something is missing. Will she follow her heart and attempt a chance withthe man she truly loves? 

review: I have yet to read a book by kristan higgins that i have not fallen in love with . Millie barnes has had a crush on Joe carpenter ever since she was a freshman in high school and he saved her from the other kids on the bus when she threw up. He told them to leave her alone and made sure she was ok. He has been her white knight in shinning armor ever since. She has taken it beyond the usual stages of attraction and into borderline stalking. She knows his schedule and all his likes and dislikes. She decides when she moves back to her hometown after her residency as a doctor that she is going to create a "get hoe plan". she starts running to lose weight and plans her route so he would drive by. After awhile of accidentally on purpose encounters they begin dating. Her wish had finally come true but it is not all it is cracked up to be. The foreplay gets her all hot and bother but the actual act leaves more to the imagination. Very anti-climatic to say the least. Other things ensue and she breaks up with him only to realize that she is in love with her sisters' ex-husband and starts avoiding him, because they are really close and can't bear to tell him. They both end up confessing their love and the his ex-wife walks in on them. Last thing they were expecting and the whole family is in an uproar. Her sister wants her ex back but not really, she just has never been alone and the new flame had just canned her. Sam( the ex husband) tell Trish he does not love her bust loves Millie. They settle their difference and get happily married in the end.

This was a great fluff romance as they call it. I heard plenty of other reviewers call joe carpenter a tool which i found amusing because his slogan was joe carpenter the carpenter. I was rooting for millie the whole way through and had a feeling she only loved sam all along. We then see a softer side of joe and her best friend which would make a great plot for a new book.