Monday, January 25, 2010

karen marie moning

to date i have only read one book by k.m moning and since then have fallen in love with her characters. I didnt start at the beginning of the series but have read the immortal highlander and have fallen in love with her characters gabby and adam.

Adam had been punished for his multiple offenses that he had committed and was sent to the mortal world where he is invisible to all and to live as human, which unknown to himself he isn't actually human just as close as he can be without being human due to once a faery has been turned mortal there is no going back. Turning human would strip him of all his powers and his immortality. Adam had been wandering through this world with none of the comforts he is accustomed to . He is left with the power to sift through time for short distances, which i assume is for his own protection against those rivals and the dangers of our world.
In the mortal realm he meets gabby, the only one who can help him. she has been cursed since she was born with the ability to see both the mortal and faery worlds. Gabby had been taught to fear all members of the fae so upon meeting adam she hightails and runs. Adam not long after follows her and she helps him to restore order in the faery world for he realizes that his arch nemisis is trying to overthrow the queen of the fae and attempting to eliminate Adam . Through their adventures they fall in love and adam gives up his immortality and turns mortal only Adam doesn't have a soul like all mortals do.