Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Promise me forever by Debbie Macomber"

Sloan Whitaker had turned into a depressing and resentful man after the automobile accident. He was mad at the world and determined that no one and nothing could. He was tired of everyone pity him for the condition he was left after the accident, when in reality it wasn't pity but love and support they were trying to give. Sloan had built walls around himself to keep everyone else out. He would sit in the dark all day and eat little if anything at all. How can a man be expected to be up to par if their is nothing to fuel him?
Nurses were going more often than not and  being put off by his mood swings  but then there was Joy. the one person who could turn things around when all else failed. She was a young nurse/PT who unlike the others had been through what Sloan had at the tender age of 16. She was told by her doctors that she would never walk again. Pure determination and the love of her father pushed her past the reservations and made it so she could walk again. It may have taken a two years for her to accomplish the goal but it did happen.
At the beginning sloan was determined to make her leave and tried numerous times to fire her but to his dismay he could not fire her because he didn't pay her, the family and company did.
At the beginning he tried to push her buttons but as hard as he pushed she would give as well as he did. Slowly he started to come around, wanting to be around her and listen to her play her flute. He came to need her and love her. In return she loved him as well but she left because she wasn't like all the women in his past and thought his love came from the graditude of helping him. Little did she know that it was pure and real.
She goes backs after the weeks of putting her self in agony to be apart from him at the mercy of his staff at the home and family. He had turned into a bitter man for when he asked her to marry him , she said no: for she thought his love was a manisfestation of him being grateful.
When she came back she had seen what he had turned into, all the hard work she had doen to restore him and he gone back, giving up. Abusing alcohol to cover both his physical and emotional pain.
In the end he finds out the real purpose to her leaving. giving him back to all the beauties of the world. He was no longer that person he was before the accident and he loved joy. Not for her what she did for him but what she did for him. She made him love again and that was a gift btter than anything he could have asked for.

 I loved this story and thought it to be a great story about love, compassion ad true sacrifice. hope you will enjoy reading  it as much as a did.!