Monday, August 1, 2011

doctor in the house by Marie Ferrarella

Ivan Munro wanted to be feared, not loved... — But Bailey DelMonico, his new intern, is determined to prove she isn't afraid of him?and more. In her own way, Bailey is as brilliant as Ivan?and people like her. Having realized she wanted to be a surgeon after several failed life experiences, she deftly absorbs a barrage of criticism from Munro without ever losing faith in her dreams. Or her conviction to show Ivan that no life is set in stone...

But the more Munro fights against his intern's charm, the more cracks appear in his abrasive facade. Bailey soon sees that contrary to hospital gossip, Ivan has anything but a scalpel for a heart. Ever the optimist and always persistent, can Bailey now show Ivan that it's never too late to change?or fall in love?

Ivan is most feared among his colleagues. They scatter when he enters a room and do whatever they can to avoid him. He is to the point where the chief of staff is forced to have him train a resident in hopes of him learning some humility. They have always been resistant to giving him residents in the past because the lack of heart he appears to possess. Which in reality he has one it has just been locked down since he was a teenager and his best friend committed suicide. He blames himself and if a neurosurgeon had been around he might have been able to save his friend. The only person who truly cared about him. His parents were alcoholics and his brother was ten years his senior and they had little in common. The Chief of staff thinks that if anyone can change Ivan it is Bailey. 

Bailey is the daughter of missionaries and perseverance is her middle name. Ivan does not intimidate her. She can tell immediately that he has just constructed a shield around himself to prevent himself from being hurt. She learned this in one of the many areas her parents traveled too on her journey with them in the countries they visited. She loves her parents but she does not want what they do. she does not wanted to travel into impoverished areas where there is no running water or even the most basic amenities. She chose to be a doctor and went through school a lot faster than most. She is attracted to Ivan from the get go and is continually fighting it. She knows Ivan feels it too.

Ivan does not know what to do with bailey. She is one of the most talented surgeons he has come across in a long time but she compromises his composure. Her disposition is the complete opposite of his and he can not help but smile when he is around her. he can't let her get to close though because then he would lose his control and have the possibility of getting hurt. why would a man like him deserve an angel like Bailey?

She does not see Ivan as everyone else does. He comes off as abrasive but that is just the way he talks . 
Ivan is strong and caring . He hurts deeply when he loses a patient though he does not let anyone else see it. That is one of the many reason why he has trouble relating to his patients. Why he avoids them at all costs. He has trouble dealing with emotions but bailey can help him. She has managed to get under his skin and make him genuinely care for her.

If anyone can change Ivan Bailey can ....